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Tactics of a Narcissistic Mother by Gail Meyers

Narcissistic Grandmother and Your Children

© by Gail Meyers
If you have children who have been exposed to your narcissistic personality disordered mother, protect them from further exposure. That is what I would say to a dear friend dealing with a narcissistic personality disordered or malignant narcissist mother. I do not make the suggestion lightly, but as a mother and grandmother myself, years after my narcissistic personality disordered mother's death.

Things are much clearer in hindsight and I see ripples still going strong through the generations. A narcissist will delight in turning your own children against you in such a deceitful, sneaky way that you may not realize it is happening. A narcissistic personality disordered mother can and often does sever family relationships for generations.

Narcissistic Mothers Divide and Conquer Before realizing my mother had this disorder, I realized she instigated fights between her children, even when we were adults. I recall thinking I had never seen anothe…

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