Tactics of a Narcissistic Personality Disordered Mother by Gail Meyers

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Copyright by Gail Meyers - October 15, 2011

Tactics first hit the top of the Google search results after it was published on Hubpages. It was then scraped, attacked and targeted causing it to be unpublished for 24 hours. This caused it to lose its backlinks on Hubpages. Later, after moving to Google and Blogger, I actually found a spreadsheet in my own Google account of all of the backlinks to Tactics.

I am disgusted by the reputation Blogger has of being so safe and nearly impossible to hack, standing in stark contrast to my experience over these last few years since moving to Blogger. Someone has repeatedly and relentlessly hacked my blogs and accounts in a vast multitude of ways. There is absolutely a Google expert involved in perpetration, and I certainly hope none of them are Google-Blogger employees.

Thank you for all of your great comments p…

Narcissistic Abuse: Echo Recovery - Summer, Fall and Winter 2017

Update December 4, 2017: The hacking, stalking, and cyberstalking have not subsided. However, Gail's articles are in the process of being moved back to Hubpages. Find Gail at - in addition, Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook is still available, but so are and


Update: September 27, 2017: In the coming months you can find Gail back on Hubpages, as well as KC3Lady Kelly Christensen. Quite honestly, we're tired of the endless hacking and theft on Blogger. We'll let you know how it goes! Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics by Gail Meyers and KC3Lady Kelly Christensen photos, which have also been relentlessly hacked, switched out, reduced, suppressed, manipulated, can now be followed on Imgur  - recoverytactics

One of the fabulous features of Imgur is to easily be able to share photos to 290 sites. Each photo is given its own url, b…

Do Narcissistic Mothers Ever Change?

Just as the original articles were moved to this blog due to targeting, they have now been moved off of this relentlessly hacked blog. It has now been THREE YEARS since I was close to publishing my first book, that was and continues to be interrupted by multiple perpetrator stalkers, reported to police last year.  Much commentary has been received that the book was also stolen, just like the articles and even memes. Join Gail Meyers and Kelly Christensen on Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics on Blogger and around the web @recoverytactics

Note: The YouTube videos have also been hit, redated, likely hacked, and the views are down 90% due to perpetration.

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The Scapegoats of a Narcissistic Mother

© by Gail Meyers

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Update: September 21, 2017: The criminal activity continues uninterrupted by law enforcement or the criminal justice system, against this book as well as other digitally copyrighted material by this author, as well as against my very life and loved ones.This work is being taken down due to the relentless hacking, but it will be published again in the coming months on yet another site in hopes that it will be better protected than it has been here on Blogger.

The Scapegoats of a Narcissistic Mother will be available soon.  This book contains the things I wish I had known 30 years ago.  During the course of posting the essence of the book on the blog by the same name my computer, blogs, Facebook pages and even a couple of videos have been hacked.  So if you notice anything out of place, please let me know.

Additionally, videos …

A Narcissist's Silent Treatment

This article has been moved. Join Gail Meyers and Kelly Christensen on Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics @recoverytactics around the web.

Narcissistic Mothers Play the Victim While Vilify the True Victim

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