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Narcissistic Abuse: Echo Recovery - Winter 2018

Narcissistic Abuse: Legal Awareness on Narcissism: Echo Apologetics by Gail Meyers and KC3Lady - 2018

Update December 2018: Join Gail Meyers and KC3Lady on Narcissism: Echo Apologetics on Facebook. Here is an update on KC3Lady trying to report multiple perpetrator stalkers for years now. Find Gail on Hubpages. Find KC3Lady on Hubpages.


Update April 2018: The options were hacked off of this site shortly after it was created as has been the case on other sites, for years, but there still has not been one discernible thing done about it after reporting it to police multiple times for years.

Update December 4, 2017: The hacking, stalking, and cyberstalking have not subsided. However, Gail's articles are in the process of being moved back to Hubpages, slowly but surely due to the extenuating circumstances. Unbelievably, commentary is still being received regarding the theft of my book regarding the stalkers intending to steal my online accounts too. Find Gail at - in addition, Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook is still available, but so are and


Update: September 27, 2017: In the coming months you can find Gail back on Hubpages, as well as KC3Lady Kelly Christensen. Quite honestly, we're tired of the endless hacking and theft on Blogger. We'll let you know how it goes! Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics by Gail Meyers and KC3Lady Kelly Christensen photos, which have also been relentlessly hacked, switched out, reduced, suppressed, manipulated, can now be followed on Imgur  - recoverytactics

One of the fabulous features of Imgur is to easily be able to share photos to 290 sites. Each photo is given its own url, but there was trouble accessing the url and share buttons this morning while sharing photos from Imgur to Pinterest. Therefore, the photos may or may not be placed in albums in the future, as the share buttons appears on the top photo and the bottom photo. (Also note we're still learning the site!)

It appears to work better for each photo to be entered separately in its own album so the share buttons display, although this is not necessarily going to be the best organized method. One of the solutions sought is for the work to be linked back to the original, which is also linked to the author of the quote when possible. This is not what has been happened to hundreds of memes in recent years predominately on Facebook and Blogger / Google. The originals are so often never to be seen again in the Google search results, while the secondary copies rank. This ought not to be. We'll keep you up to date!


UPDATE September 9, 2017: The move continues, and so do the hackers. Join us on Gail Meyers and Kelly "KC3Lady" Christensen on Facebook and around the web @recoverytactics - Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics.

UPDATE: Be sure to bookmark Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics© on Google, Blogger, Facebook and Twitter - Summer 2017! New features include the Thought for the Day, (which will be established @echoscapegoatrecoverytactics on Facebook in case this link is changed and for easy reference), and the Verse of the Day. Also, during our countdown celebration to Independence Day we started Narcissistic Abuse: Legal Awareness around the web to draw attention to the experts and the issues.

pixabay vintage babyboomer time desk with quote Gail Meyers and Kelly Christensen Narcissistic Abuse: Legal Awareness only on Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics©
Narcissistic Abuse: Legal Awareness

 Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook was recaptured, and the move continues. However, the copyright on the newly announced and created page, Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics© Facebook (@recoverytactics) was removed from the title of the page, as well as from other digital material around the web. This is in keeping with the narcissistic pattern of flipping the script, stealing, then apparently claiming they are being infringed upon. Hence, a copyright version of playing the victim while vilifying true victims. A request has been sent to Facebook, since the admins are unable to add the copyright notice back to the title as it was created. One known stalker is a well-known legal bully locally who should have been in prison years ago. You will note some interesting rising search results if you look.

Apparently, these same thieves who have prevented me from publishing The Scapegoats of a Narcissistic Mother book for nearly three years now, claiming to have already published it. (Also claiming at that time that by the time I try to publish it I won't be able to because it will already be published), and have hacked into my bookstore and Amazon links in the past, among many other harassment and sabotage efforts, have also been profiting from the hundreds of quotes produced over the years since Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook was created in September 2011. Therefore, they do not want a Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics© placed on the quotes produced, but it is continuing to be.

In any case, just announced in recent days is the fact that the new Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics© can be found on Blogger, Facebook and Twitter "@recoverytactics" In this spirit, Narcissistic Abuse: Echo Recovery (this blog) and The Scapegoats of a Narcissistic Mother, both on Blogger, are being moved to "recoverytactics" on Blogger or - and "recoverytacticsecho" or - Summer 2017. The first is the main blog, at least during the move.

Narcissistic Abuse: Echo Recovery Google Community is also being moved to Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics© Google community. Please note there has been some indication that a hacker is deleting membership requests, such as it registering that there were 3 or 4 requests but only 1 was there. Therefore, the membership request feature is currently set to allow membership without moderation. 

If you have had difficulty with this blog displaying properly in recent months, we hope the move will solve that issue too. Thank you for your patience during this trying time, but soon Kelly "KC3Lady" Christensen and I will be found at "Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics©" consistently around the web, "@recoverytactics." This will be a process we'll be working on this summer, so be sure to bookmark the new sites. Here is a quick list to take with you. Also, find the recaptured Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook Directory
to assist in finding what you're looking for during the move.

Gail Meyers


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