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Comments on Movies about Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

April 2018: Join Gail Meyers and KC3Lady back on Hubpages and Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics on Facebook- raising awareness about narcissism, mobbings, and stalkers.

Comments on The Dangers of Expecting a Deathbed Apology from Your Narcissistic Mother

April 2018: Join Gail Meyers and KC3Lady back on Hubpages and Narcissism: Echo Apologetics.

sparkster 22 months ago from Here To Eternity Level 6 Commenter Very interesting and informative. People often fail to realize the extent of this disorder. It took me a long time (over a decade) to realize that my (ex)partner would never admit the truth to me or apologize for her actions even when I was on my deathbed because of the abuse (and abuse by proxy).
Naima Manal 18 months ago from NY It must be very difficult for a child to emerge from this experience without scars. But I hope that many people with this experience are able to find wholeness and closure while maintaining what is important to them from their families, even if it is at a distance.
aviannovice 6 months ago from Stillwater, OK Level 8 Commenter Pretty amazing. I had an ex that had a narcissistic mot…